Core Values

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We strive to create a connection between our staff and clients that is built on respect, trust, professionalism, communication through good listening and high standards. We always educate our clients and never take advantage of them. We work to ensure everyone gets the best experience at Sorelle.

Love and Passion

At Sorelle our careers are not just jobs; we are very passionate and excited about making to people look and feel their best. We are care givers by nature and love to please our clients. This satisfaction is what makes us happy and keeps us coming back to work every day. The connection we have with our clientele and the synergy between our coworkers makes Sorelle like a home where everybody knows your name.


We know success means achieving our personal best by constantly setting and reaching high goals and performance standards. At Sorelle we strive to remain an authority in our field through knowledge, providing great results, and constant improvement. These principles have made us preferred among our existing clients and lead us to impress our future clientele. The combination of authentic hard work and a focus on excellence fuels our ongoing success.

Continuous Growth

We are committed to on-going improvement through consistently furthering our education & expertise in the field. We set ourselves to grow daily by self-reflection and learning from past situations. Our commitment to growth has helped us offer consistently exceptional results.


We strive to offer a top-notch client experience by offering a professional atmosphere and a very uplifting environment.  Along with the environment, total support, respect and cooperation are big at Sorelle. We have very friendly, energetic, productive and knowledgeable staff who make each visit to Sorelle memorable.