• All hair services are at starting price.
  • Consultations are complimentary for Accurate Pricing
  • All prices vary based on length and thickness of hair


  1. Women’s cut $55 to 75
  2. Men’s cut $35



  1. Blow out $35 to $65
  2. Thermal styling $15 to $55
  3. Up do (does not include blow out) $50 to $100



  1. By Consultation



Prices vary depending on length and density

  1. Single process $80 to $95
  2. Single process touch up $60 to $75
  3. Single process with partial head highlights $115 to $160
  4. Single process with full head highlights $150 to $210
  5. Highlights full head $135 to $185
  6. Highlights partial head $100 to $150
  7. Glaze/gloss $60 to $80
  8. Balayage/ ombre $145 to $200
  9. Double process color by consultation
  10. Corrective color by consultation
  11. Extreme color by consultation



Prices vary depending on length and density of hair

  1. Permanent wave from $95
  2. Relaxer from $80
  3. Keratin express blowout from $250


Keratin complex smoothing treatmen from $350

  1. Keratin complex smoothing treatment is a professional keratin treatment that penetrates the cuticle to reduce frizz and curl, making hair smoother and healthier-looking. After the treatment, avoid washing hair until 72 hours and results can last up to 5 months.


Keratin express blowout from $250

  1. Keratin express blowout is a unique, in-salon smoothing treatment that reduces frizz and curl in just 1 hour. Its innovative delivery system penetrates hair with keratin protein, resulting in smoother, more manageable hair without the wait. Unlike the full treatment, hair can be washed just eight hours after the treatment, and results can last up to 6 weeks.


Deep Conditioning Morroccanoil Mask$35

  1. Pamper your hair with a nourished, rich and hydrating masque experience. The stylist will choose from one of the Moroccanoil mask: Intense hydration, Weightless Hydration, Restorative or Smooth


Moroccanoil Scalp Treatment$55 to $70

  1. This professional scalp treatment addresses the needs of a dry and flaky scalp, instantly relieving irritation, dryness and itchiness. Moroccanoil oily scalp treatment is a concentrated formula of antioxidant-rich argan oil and essential ginger oil. It helps to correct imbalances and soothe inflammation of the hair follicle, which manages oil production


Keratin Complex Frizz Blocker$85 to $105

  1. Best for dull or damaged hair that needs to be brought back to life. This service delivers instant frizz control, renewed strength and resilience, and protection against future damage.


Keratin Complex Reparative Remedy $85 to $105

  1. Best for dull or damaged hair that needs to be brought back to life. This service delivers instant frizz control, renewed strength and resilience, and protection against future damage


Keratin Complex Red Carpet Blowout $45 to $75

  1. It is a mini Smoothing Treatment that lasts 3-5 days. It is ideal for the client not quite sure about their smoothing treatment investment


Keratin Complex Sleek & Smooth Blowout $60 to $85

  1. This service smoothes out kinks and curls for a frizz-free, polished look that leaves you with elegantly sleek and straight hair


Organic-Vegan Hair treatments by ICON*

  1. Inner $35

It is a deep hydration, reparative treatment that softens dry frizzy and chemically treated hair

  1. Proshield $35

It strengthens, adds shine, rebuilds smoothness to weak brittle, dull and chemically treated hair

  1. Transformational Infusion$15

It is a super lightweight moisture, antioxidants, adds body, renews, replenishing in only 60 seconds

  1. India$25

A restorative, hydrating, and nourishing, antioxidant treatment, especially for dry and curly hair.

  1. Shift$10

It is a stimulating treatment that soothes, detoxifies and exfoliates the hair

* These treatments do not include blow-dry. They are a perfect add-on for any hair service!

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  1. Regular Manicure $17
  2. Revitalizing Spa Manicure $25
  3. Hot Stone Manicure $27
  4. Paraffin Manicure $29
  5. Express Manicure $14
  6. Polish Change – Hands $10
  7. Dipping Powder$45
  8. Gel Full Set$50
  9. Gel Fill $36
  10. Gel Manicure (No Chip) $40
  11. Hard Gel $70
  12. Acrylic Full Set $50
  13. Acrylic Fill $36



  1. Regular Pedicure $30
  2. Spa Pedicure$40
  3. Hot Stone Pedicure $50
  4. Paraffin Pedicure $57
  5. Express Pedicure $26
  6. Gel Pedicure (No Chip) $43
  7. Dipping Powder Pedicure $53
  8. Polish Change –Toe$14


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Dermalogica Skin Treatment

  1. A skin relaxing treatment consisting of a professional double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), massage, masque, toner & a skin protectant. Additional products & or electrical modalities may be added to target the individual needs of your skin.
    • Clear Skin Treatment (45 minutes)
    • Dermalogica Skin Treatment (1 hour)

AGE Smart™ Treatment (1 hour)  $95

  1. A rejuvenating, antioxidant rich facial designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate &
    energize while controlling the biochemical changes that lead to aging of the skin. A skin relaxing treatment consisting of a professional double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), massage, masque, toner & a skin protectant. Additional products & or electrical modalities may be added to target the individual needs of your skin

UltraCalming™ Treatment (1 hour)  $80

  1. As soothing treatment designed to provide serious relief for sensitized skin. It calms, soothes and
    replenishes the most aggravated, irritated, inflamed skin. By targeting the triggers behind redness,
    itching and stinging, this treatment will help recover skin health for long-term relief from flare-ups.

Medicated Clearing Treatment (1 hour)  $85

  1. A skin clearing treatment designed for those that suffer from frequent breakouts, stressed & oily skin. It’s the end of the line for adult acne with this powerful treatment that jump-starts acne clearing & helps prevent it well beyond the treatment

Dermalogica Express Treatment (30 min)  $40

  1. A great option for anyone pressed for time. The Dermalogica Express Facial includes a detailed skin analysis & a zone-specific treatment designed to solve your skin problem, in about 30 minutes. This treatment is the perfect quick fix for troubled skin, and the ideal maintenance service between Dermalogica Skin Treatments.

Back Clearing Treatment (50 min)  $75

  1. De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. A very aromatic, deep cleansing scrub readies those hard to reach areas for the removal of toxins. Those hard to reach areas will be cleansed, polished, hydrated and refreshed!

Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy (1 hour)  $70

  1. This mineral salt scrub polishes skin to a soft glow while providing the critical hydration & nourishment your skin needs.

Other skin treatments

  1. Customized Spray Tan $40
  2. Unlimited customized Spray Tan $120 per month
  3. Face Tanning $15
  4. Make-Up Application $55
  5. Bride Make-Up Application $100
  6. Bride Make-Up Trial Application $100 (includes loose hair styling)
  7. Eye makeup $35


Microdermabrasion $95

  1. Microdermabrasion helps to thicken your collagen, which results in a younger looking complexion. Collagen is a protein in your skin that’s abundant when you’re a child and makes skin appear taut and smooth. Collagen production declines as we age, resulting in looser, uneven skin.


This Skin rejuvenation treatment that can:

  1. Improve age spots and black heads.
  2. Improve hyperpigmentation (patches of darkened skin).
  3. Exfoliate your skin, resulting in a refreshed appearance.
  4. Lessen the appearance of stretch marks.
  5. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  6. Reduce or eliminate enlarged pores.
  7. Treat acne and the scars left by acne..


Chemical peel: $120

  1. Uses a chemical solution to smooth the texture of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers.
  2. Although chemical peels are used mostly on the face, they can also be used to improve the skin on your neck and hands.
  3. A chemical peel can help improve:
    1. Acne or acne scars
    2. Age and liver spots
    3. Fine lines and wrinkles
    4. Freckles
    5. Irregular skin pigmentation
    6. Rough skin and scaly patches
    7. Scars
    8. Sun-damaged skin


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We use hard wax for sensitive areas.  Hard wax is a wax that doesn’t require a strip for removal. When the wax hardens it is simply, quickly, and less painfully removed from the skin by hand. This wax is perfect for people with sensitive skin who are prone to irritation and ingrown hairs that other waxes leave behind.

Consultations are complementary for accurate pricing.
Additional waxing service prices based on consultation.




Eyebrows or Sideburns


Lip or Chin or Neck


Full Face






Half Arm



Half Leg



Full Arm



Full Leg



Bikini / speedo






Bikini & Full Leg


Back waxing



Shoulder waxing



Full Back & Shoulders



Chest waxing



Abs waxing



Ear or nostril



Chest & Abs



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  1. 100% mink individual lash extensions. Full set $150
  2. 100% mink individual lash extensions. Fill in $75
  3. Synthetic Individual Eyelash Extensions full set$70
  4. Synthetic cluster Eyelash Extensions full set $50
  5. Full Eyelash Application $15
  6. Eyebrow tinting $20
  7. Eyelash tinting $20
  8. Eyebrow sculpting $20


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