5 Reasons Why Box Dye is Terrible for Your Hair

At some point in our lives, most of us have thought the phrase, “Maybe I should just use box dye.” You know it’s a bad idea, but the low, low price of $3.75 for fabulous hair just seems to good to pass up. Then, somewhere between thinking it’s a good idea and attempting to execute it, you end up sobbing with a disaster of a dye-job wondering “What have I done?” You might not know why it happened, but you do know one thing: box dye is terrible for your hair.

While you might have experienced the cruel unpredictability of box dye, it’s likely that you don’t know science behind why box dye is truly so terrible for your hair. At Sorelle, we’d like to save you (and your hair) from the wrath of harsh chemicals and unwanted orange, so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons that box dye is terrible for your hair – and we mean TERRIBLE.

  1. Satisfaction is not guaranteed. Or likely.
    If you think that you’re going to look like the stunning model on the box of your hair dye, you’re sadly mistaken. One of the main problems with box dye is that it is created to be a “one for all” type of product, when, in all actuality, every type of hair calls for a different type of dye. Skin tone, level of porosity, previous color correction and percentage of gray are just a few things that your stylist considers when coloring your hair. Box dye simply can’t account for all of the different types of hair.
  2. Your hair is going to feel… crunchy. 
    After using box dye, you’re going to need a ton of deep conditioning treatments (and probably a keratin treatment) in order to repair the damage that you’ve done to your hair. That’s because most box dyes use ammonia, which basically blasts open the cuticle of your hair and irreversibly changes the pH to an undesirable level. Then, the cuticle is unable to close back up, leaving your hair vulnerable to damage from other areas, like your beloved straightener.
  3. The more you dye your hair with box dye, the harder it will be for your hair to hold color.
    Surprise, surprise – this is also due to the use of ammoniated color! When the cuticle of your hair is unable to close back up, it also means that it will have trouble locking in color. The more your color fades, the more frequently you will be forced to dye your hair, magnifying the problem tenfold. Ammonia also damages the hair’s natural Tyrosine levels, which makes up the protein in your hair and is responsible for your natural pigment. So, not only will you quickly lose your box color, but you’ll do damage to your natural hair color, too.
  4. It will be virtually impossible to match your regrowth with your box-dyed hair color.
    Have you seen (or been) the girl with varying bands of color on her head from every root retouch? Then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Your regrowth is beautiful, untouched, undamaged hair, and the remainder of your head has already been processed, or seen damage from sun or styling. This makes matching the color a difficult and delicate process – a process that can’t be done over your bathroom sink.
  5. $3.75 box dye is going to cost you a lot, lot more than $3.75.
    Spending more money now is going to save you a ton of money in the long run. Even if your box color turns out looking acceptable the first time, it will soon fade, fry your hair and require that you spend a good chunk of dough fixing the damage that you’ve done. Or, more commonly, your hair will turn out bright orange and you’ll be forced to hide in the house until you can seek the help of a professional.

Our skilled color correctionist, Amanda, is no stranger to the devastation of box dye. She says. “I’ve seen a lot of box dye, and I think that what most people forget is that hair color is a commitment – just like any relationship. It takes a lot of love and care to keep it feeling and looking fabulous. If you want to invest in a change, make sure you’re ready to enter a long-term relationship!”

Thinking about taking the leap and coloring your hair? Book a consultation with one of our stylists to find out what will work best for you. Oh, and stay away from box dye! Your hair (and your stylist) will thank you.

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