All About Keratin Treatment

Coming from an outside perspective of someone who has no idea what Keratin is exactly, I set out to do some research to find out what it is. How does it affect my hair? What chemicals are in it? Is it beneficial to the
health of my hair? It has been a huge change going from working in a salon that never provided this service, to it being one of the biggest services supported.

I found myself phone call after phone call saying “Can I put you on hold?” just so I could quickly ask the stylists various Keratin related questions. I knew that I couldn’t always be like this, so just as we all do when we have questions, I turned to Google. Google research actually
just ended up confusing me more. I didn’t find any of the answers I was looking for. So, I turned to my new co workers, the stylists, that have been doing Keratin Complex brand Keratin smoothing treatments for years.

After speaking with stylists, my research was done. I found that I am actually a great candidate for this treatment. I also found that Keratin surprisingly enough actually repairs damage and blocks humidity, which is no girls friend! If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the go, keratin amazingly shortens styling and blow drying time. My favorite part is that Keratin locks in color and can last up to five months!

I found that our brand of Keratin imagesdoes not contain the cancerous chemical “formaldehyde” and is completely OSHA compliant, making it safe for my stylists and our clients!!
In conclusion, I went from knowing absolutely nothing about Keratin to being as well educated about the product as one can be. I look forward to helping all of you out with your Keratin questions that you may have! I think I am going to schedule myself for a Keratin and blog about it, step by step, so you can see the experience I have before you invest in one yourself!
Until then!
– Stephanie


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