Testimonial Tuesday: Eyelash Lift and Tint

“I have always wanted to get my eyelashes permed every since I heard it was even a possibility. It is a pain to always curl your eyelashes and put pounds of gunky mascara on everyday. I was scared at first because I didn’t want chemicals around my eyes, but the Sorelle employee that did my perm so was so delicate and gentle that I actually almost fell asleep! She did it pretty fast, I thought it was going to take longer and instead it took less  than an hour from beginning to end.


My eyelashes were long and straight. After I did my perm, it was so curly that I didn’t put mascara for almost a month. I loved the natural look and I even felt like people were looking at me differently. People would ask, “Yessica you look so pretty! What makeup are you wearing?” When I would tell me that I am wearing no makeup they looked at me with disbelief. It felt so good waking up and knowing that I looked beautiful. The perm lasted for a month and a half. Which was much longer than I expected. They said it would last a month or 3 weeks depending on how well you take care of them. They gave me great tips on how to take care of them which is probably why they lasted so long.



If you are debating on getting an eyelash perm do not hesitate any longer! GET THEM DONE!! It will change your live.

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