Testimonial Tuesday: Organic Hair Treatment

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I have been dying my hair ever since I was thirteen. With twelve years of consistent chemicals stripping my hair I knew I needed something powerful to restore it. I had asked friends for tips and recommendations on how to improve my hair. I got many answers from putting mayo in the hair, drenching it in coconut oil or simply cutting it all off. That is until one friend just to go to Sorelle.

I had not been to a hair stylist since I was fourteen since I had a terrifying experience where my hair turned orange instead of blonde. Yes, like crayon orange. I missed 3 days of school and almost didn’t go to my 8th grade dance. That is when I vowed to never have anyone touch my hair except me and my $4 Revlon hair dye box that I religiously bought from Walgreens once a month. I was dedicated to this routine for 12 years until I finally started to become aware of the products and chemicals that I was using daily. I began to work for a company that sold organic products and my life changed drastically. I switched to organic toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, dish soap, body wash, you name it. Last thing I had to switch was my $4 hair dye.

When I went to Sorelle my hair stylist Guru JC laughed at how many colors I had in my hair. Not only did my hair color looked like green puke, but my hair quality was very brittle. I have pretty long hair, imagine your entire head being damaged for twelve years with cheap hair dye? I looked like I had an unwashed mop on my head. After JC pointed out my hair issues I for a brief moment contemplated to follow my friend’s advice and just cut it all off. Luckily though, with Sorelle products and JC’s incredible hair knowlegde my hair was still able to be saved.

After they got the green out of my hair, it was then time to do a serious deep hair treatment. I told them I wanted to do home hair treatments because I am an organic health freak and want to avoid as many chemicals as possible. That is when they showed me an amazing organic product that changed my hair life forever. It’s the Organic Vegan hair treatment by I.C.O.N called PROSHIELD Protein Treatment. Here is some information from the company:

“Professional only shield to protect weak and brittle hair, imparting the ultimate strength needed for fullness and shine. Protect and repair damaged hair with a strengthening protein blend. The Proshield treatment should be used by professionals, but you can also use the INNER moisturizing treatment at home after they used the professional Proshield.

What it does:

  • Replaces lost protein
  • Strengthens weak, brittle hair
  • Increases fine hair’s diameter
  • Repairs internal damage

Main Ingredient: Amino Acids – Penetrates into the hair shaft to help rebuild damaged hair.

As you can see with the picture below, my hair was an absolute mess. After getting the treatment I could see a tremendous difference in quality and strength.

You know how they say you pay for what you get? Well my $4 hair dye was certainly giving me what I paid for. Looking back at my life now I feel embarrassed even saying that I dyed and treated my own hair! This treatment that they used in my hair is for SALONS ONLY you can’t even buy it in stores, only salons.

So if you want to revive your hair and save it from its foolish past go to Sorelle and they can help you. It is not common to find hair salons that care about healthy organic hair products as much as you do!


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