Brazilian Waxes and Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Let’s be honest: during winter, waxing isn’t that high of a priority. Who’s going to see the stubble on your legs under 15 layers of clothing, anyway? Now that we’re finally getting some warmer weather, it’s time to think about jump-starting your waxing regimen. Break out the bathing suits and the short-shorts, because it’ll be time to hit the beach before you know it!

If you’ve never been waxed, it might seem a little scary – especially if you’re thinking about getting a Brazilian wax! At Sorelle, we want all of our guests to be comfortable with their waxing experience, so we’ve chosen to highlight the benefits of Brazilian waxes and to provide you with important information on aftercare.

Oftentimes many people claim that Brazilian waxes can give them problematic and painful ingrown hairs, making them shy away from being waxed again. This doesn’t have to be the case! Many people are prone to getting ingrown hairs, but with a little extra maintenance you can save yourself a lot of pain down the road.

What is a Brazilian wax?

This might seem like an obvious question to some, but there are plenty of people out there who don’t know what a true Brazilian wax actually is! Put simply, a Brazilian wax removes all of the hair on your pubic region – front, back and everywhere in between. Similar options, like a bikini wax or landing strip, work well for those who aren’t sure if they want to go completely bald.

How should I prepare?

In order to get a Brazilian, your hair needs to be ¼ inch or longer; any shorter, and the wax will have trouble securing to the hair. Hop in the shower before your appointment and make sure you’ve given yourself a thorough wash, because having any oil on your hair could also make the waxing process more difficult.

Does it hurt?

Waxing isn’t comfortable, but once you’ve had one or two, it actually gets less painful! Your hair follicles will be smaller, and will pull through your pores more easily. If you’re a little sensitive when it comes to pain, ask your waxing technician to talk during your waxing session and do some breathing exercises- it helps to have something else to focus on!

At Sorelle, we use a combination of soft wax and hard wax to make the process as painless as possible. Hard wax is amazing on coarse hair and in sensitive areas, because as it cools and hardens it grabs the hair and lifts up off of the skin. This means that when it’s removed it only grabs the hair and doesn’t pull on the skin. Most people find it to be far less painful! Soft wax is applied and removed with some form of cloth. It is great at grabbing finer hairs, and works much better on large areas of the body.

How to I care for my Brazilian?

Aftercare is a very important part of getting a Brazilian wax that many people tend to neglect. You’ve invested pain and time in your new look, so it makes sense to take care of it! After your wax, you’ll notice that the area is red and sensitive. This will disappear within a few hours, but until the waxed area heals it’s important to keep it clean and free of bacteria! Our specialists at Sorelle suggest:

  • No swimming, spas or saunas for 24 hours
  • Stay out of the sun (and your itsy-bitsy bikini) for at least 12 hours
  • If possible, avoid lubricants and/or sex for at least 12 hours

After the area entirely heals (typically 3 days) your skin will begin to close over the hair follicles, and new, softer hairs can get trapped, causing ingrown hairs. This is when you’ll start your anti-ingrown hair attack!

  • First, you’ll need a soft brush or exfoliating glove to gently buff the area every 2-3 days. If you’re prone to ingrown hairs, do this daily – especially after working out. Make sure to scrub in every direction!
  • Next, make PFB Vanish your best friend. PFB Vanish is a product that contains lactic acid, which will ensure that all dead skin cells are buffed away. This will allow your hair to smoothly come back through the follicle opening. After every exfoliation, roll on PFB to your pubic area. As an added bonus, PFB works great for underarms, legs, eyebrows, or anywhere else that you might be shaving or waxing!

As long as you follow these tips, you should be smooth and hair-free for around 3 to 6 weeks. Over time, it’s likely that the density of the waxed area will decrease, too. And don’t forget – you’ll receive discounted prices on Brazilian waxing if you participate in our maintenance program!

Are you ready to take it all off? Call and book your appointment today at 773-360-1111 and mention this blog post to receive 10% off of your first Brazilian!

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