The Latest in Nail Technology: SNS Dipping Powder

Acrylic, acrylic and gel nails have become the norm, but Signature Nail Systems Dipping Powder is our new favorite way to make your nails look natural, feel healthy, and last longer. No fake nails, no primer, no UV light – and SNS Dipping Powder is much thinner than anything else that you’ll see on the market. And, more importantly, most salons haven’t picked up on the trend! If you come to Sorelle, you’ll be one of the first to experience the revolutionary effects of SNS Dipping Powder.

How does it work?

First, one of our talented technicians (like Wendy or Llena) will put a clear, topcoat of glue on your nails. Then, they’ll literally dip your nails in a fine powder in the color of your choice, and repeat the process until your nails have a glossy, beautiful shine. You can expect a typical set of SNS Dipping Powder nails to last up to 3 weeks without chipping, damage, or breakage. And, you’ll notice that your nail bed is in much healthier shape than you’d find with other nail products.

So what’s the secret?

SNS Nails states that they add “5 different kinds of Vitamins and Calcium” to every type of powder, which not only strengthens your nails, but helps them grow longer without the dangerous effects of UV light or harsh chemicals, like you’d find with acrylic or gel nails.They’re also water resistant but still allow your nails to breathe, which helps them grow longer and stronger – faster!

Unlike traditional nail products, SNS Dipping Powder doesn’t sns dipping powderhave any methacylates in it. Methacylates are what break down your nail bed, ultimately damaging your nails and making them look weaker than before! SNS Dipping Powder is the opposite. Since it doesn’t contain methacylates (and contains multiple nail strengtheners), you’ll actually see the condition of your nails improve! Think of SNS like a permanent plate of armor for your real nails; they’ll hold up against anything you throw at them.

How do you remove them? 

Removing SNS Dipping Powder is a breeze. Unlike acrylics and gel, you don’t need to use a file in order to remove them. Simply foil your nails in acetone for a few minutes, and it’s gone! No damage to your nail bed and no pain or burning from repeated rounds of acetone.

Why do I want them?

SNS Dipping Powder lasts longer, looks more realistic, and is better for your nails – and your health! As we mentioned, it’s not necessary to use UV light with SNS Dipping Powder, so you’re not exposing yourself to those potentially harmful rays. There’s also none of that unpleasant odor that you’ll get with get with acrylic or gel nails, so you can truly relax, and know that your manicure is a healthy part of your beauty regimen.

Not only will you save money by using SNS Dipping Powder, but you’ll worry less about your nails chipping or breaking when you’re due for a manicure. SNS Dipping Powder lasts longer, and can be applied in 1/3 to 1/2 the time of traditional products, which means you have extra time for other treatments at the spa! Whether you’re looking for long nails, short nails, or something in between, you”ll find that SNS Dipping Powder is the latest and greatest in nail technology.

Book your appointment today, and discover why we’re so in love with SNS Dipping Powder!

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