Tips for glowing wedding skin

Every bride wants glowing skin for the walk down the aisle, but how do you achieve this?

If you really want to get your skin in top form, we recommend that you start a smart skincare routine about a year in advance. It’s okay if you don’t have that long before the wedding day—just adopt these good skincare habits as soon as possible.


Your wedding is the perfect excuse for some extra pampering. We want your skin to glow as much as your engagement ring, so it’s very important to choose an experienced aesthetician from day one so you can work together on a plan to make your skin look flawless. This involves some work from you as well, since there are products that need to be applied at home. Schedule a visit with us by calling (773)-360-1111, meet our experienced aestheticians and choose which one to work with so they can start recommending which products are best for your needs, based on your skin type. They can also recommend advanced skincare treatments to maximize results.

We offer many advanced skincare treatments such as:

On top of having the latest skincare technology, we are known for our facials. It’s recommended to receive a monthly facial to refresh your skin. For the wedding week we recommend our signature Sorelle facial to relax your skin and to achieve that final glowing touch.


Waxing is also a must. Not only for your body, but it also works miracles on your face. It makes your skin really soft and smooth and it works miracles when applying makeup for the BIG day! Also, it doesn’t hurt to surprise your man with a Brazilian wax right!? Double purpose if you’re planning a beach destination for your honeymoon.

It’s not only about your face though. Your body also needs to look its best, that’s why we suggest a full body scrub treatment with salts & oils a week before the wedding. Corporal Mesotherapy is also a great option (You can read more about it here)This advanced treatment is ideal to reduce measurements and it can be used to mold your waist, back, arms, hips or chin. Basically, for any area you’d like to improve for the BIG day!


On top of skin treatments it’s very important to make sure that you are drinking enough water as well as including a wide variety of fruits and veggies on your daily diet. We also recommend activities like yoga and meditation to deal with stress. Remember that healthy skin comes from the inside out, so it’s a must to learn how to deal with pre-wedding stress to avoid last minute breakouts.

If you feel ready to book your appointment, give us a ring at 773-360-1111 or book it online! We would be more than happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of achieving the best version of yourself for the most important day of your life.

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  • Lorena Garcia

    This is great! I’m getting married next year and reading this post is a true eye opener!
    If only I was in Chicago!!!!
    Thank you for sharing this great read.

    • SorelleMain

      So glad you liked it Lorena! Congrats on getting married!
      If you are ever in town make sure to give us a call! :)
      Have a great weekend!
      The Sorelle Team

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